So there were a few more things that Louis mentioned that are integral to the story. 1. I only saw men when he shape-shifted, but Louis asked me if I saw the women. He felt two of them, they had a strong presence with long hair that fell on his/her shoulders. He speculated that they might be "me" from a previous life or maybe I had a twin at some point. 2. That the people who entered his body knew that I would be doing this that day, they had come to see me. 3. That they seemed to be good spirits, he didn't have to keep any of them out of his body (sometimes he has to do this with evil spirits) 4.

Now, 12 years later, I see how the OBE changed the kind of art I made. Pretty quickly, it gave meaning to random objects and conversations and moments and people. Everything was up for interpretation. 

While driving home that Sunday night from Venice with the windows down and wind blowing my hair everywhere and The Beach Boys epic album Pet Sounds blaring that I would experience months of terrifying dreams, strangely do Brian Wilson's makeup for a documentary and that Brian's body briefly would become a vessel for my deceased father to enter, then a month later, I would have multiple panic attacks that hospitalize me leaving my consciousness without a physical form for two days, and it all ended (at least the terrifying parts) when I had a primal scream. After the PS, my dreams returned to normal and I was back in my body immediately afterwards.

Louis explained  that a 5th dimension existed and the way to find it was to go OBE while sleeping. What really happened to me when I watched him shape-shift. I experienced extremely vivid dreams, I would wake up in the morning and feel restless, like I hadn't slept at all. 

When I left the OBE training, I scrolled my IPAD and started listening to the Beach Boys Pet Sounds. I distinctly remember that the traffic that Sunday night on my route from Venice to the Hollywood Hills was traffic free, I could drive fast, windows down, singing aloud the lyrics and my mind blown by what I had just seen,  , . Awed and perplexed by what I had just seen. Louis said that they knew that I would be here that day, they came to show themselves to me. He asked me if "I saw the woman? She had long hair in a braid, he could feel the hair along his neck and shoulder." Maybe it had been me from a past life or maybe I had a twin at some point."


Two months later on a Monday night, I received a phone call from a women who was looking for a makeup artist to do Brian Wilson makeup for a documentary. I couldn't believe my luck. Yes, of course. Six days later I showed up at his LA mansion off Mulholland Drive in a subdivision that is most know for Paris Hiltons house being robbed there (later made into a movie). When his wife came to get me, she took me into the master bedroom where Brian was brushing his teeth. When he finished, he turned around, struck out his hand for a handshake and said, Hi, "I am Brian Wilson." I said "I'm Ann" (After reading "Wouldn't it be Nice" Brian's Autobiography where he described Dr. Landy teaching how to do just that. Introduce himself to a stranger and reach out his hand.) Next Brian turned to his wife, kissed her on the lips and said to me, "I love this women." 


The Year of hoping for Magic, the year of hoping for stage magic

March 29, 2007

I did Brian's Makeup in the kitchen. Trying my best to take my time. They crew was running behind and they needed me to make it last 40 minutes (Which is really hard with a Man's makeup application). Was it a coincidence that I met Brian two months after I left the OBE workshop and was listening to Pet Sounds? What if it was possible that something in my mind was cracked open that day, some portal to the subconscious world and something in the universe orchestrated our meeting? 

My thesis show was planned for March 29, 2007. I had eight months to figure out what I was going to do. I stopped making work after my first semester in Graduate school.